Let’s talk about Twyla in a nice calm not capslocky internet voice.


So, as I said earlier Argos uk is officially selling 13 wishes now! I got my Twyla today!

She’s totally stunning! I thought her hair would be a big hard gluey mess but it was totally fluffy and soft after one brush :) Her hair also looks kickass in a pony-tail and I am so keeping it like that. AND HER GLOW IN THE DARK EYES LFJDSFJSD her eyes also glow in the dark which is pretty neat.

I think I shall leave this Twyla as she is for now. I do not want to repaint such a currently rare and glowy doll. Maybe i’ll buy her a twin when everyones complaining about her shelfwarming. But for now. Perfect. 

Oh also if anyone is wanting detailed pictures of anything send me a wee message and i’ll get them snapped up for you! :) 

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